To produce natural, processed or pitted dates is a profession. Submitted to climate change, the date is a delicate, unpredictable and perishable fruit.

In every stage, from the oasis up to the point of sale, biosca tamara strives to protect the sensory and nutritional quality of its dates.

The implementation of a traceability system and the constant monitoring of the production process guarantee to our partners top-quality dates

  • Selection


    Our setting-up nearby the zone of production of Jerid which counts more than 1.5 million palm date trees allows us to guarantee a product in compliance with our high quality standards.

    All our farmers adhere to a set of rigorous productions standards in order to preserve the quality.

    The size, the exterior aspect, the freshness, the degree of humidity as well as the bacteriological values are checked by our quality controllers to ensure that only top-quality dates are integrated in the process of production.

  • Laboratory


    Our laboratory equiped with state-of-the-art equipments is one of the key elements in the quality control. This allows to check and control products at every step of the production and to have a very big reactivity.

    Our objective is to ensure that the product will preserve its nutritional quality, its microbiological quality and its sensory quality.

  • Certification


    For biosca tamara, the quality is a permanent and daily commitment. Our quality control policy allows us to guarantee a high level of food safety.

    All our activities from dates selection to the commercialization are certified ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 by SGS.

    Our quality department employs 11 qualified food technologists who ensure that our products are made in accordance with the right guidelines and directives.

  • Private label


    Product innovation, quality enhancement and customer-focus are the foundation stones of our private label approach.

    The respect of custumer’s specifications and of delivery deadlines are for us the basic principles of a fruitful collaboration with our partners.

    Our ability to satisfy specific customer needs is something we are particularly proud of.